Our Story

We realized there are many meal delivery services around the world that prepare plant-based or vegan meals, and no easy way to compare all of them in one place.

So we set out to create such a place.

How do you define ‘plant-based’?

We use ‘plant-based’ interchangeably with ‘vegan’.

A plant-based or vegan meal from one of the services listed on VegMealDelivery will have no animal products in them (unless otherwise noted).

What is a meal delivery service?

The way we define it is a business that prepares vegan meals and has an order system for a customer to order multiple meals. Each service will have different order options and delivery frequency. Wherever possible we try to make that information clear on their VegMealDelivery listing.

An example would be ordering 5 meals each week that are delivered to you frozen. Or ordering 10 meals to be eaten over 5 days (2 meals each day) or 10 days (1 meal each day). Or ordering a single lunch from a local vegan restaurant.

You get to decide whether you want a few meals to make it easier to eat more plants without having to cook, or if you want to replace more of your meals with a plant-based option. This can help you eat healthier as you get more comfortable with cooking on your own.

How does a service get listed?

We will list any meal delivery service that offers vegan meals, as long as they have an easy way for people to order only from their vegan menu.

We do not charge services a fee to be listed, though some services have affiliate programs that reward us when you order from them. The use of these affiliate programs do not increase any of the prices you pay for your orders, and they help us offset the costs of running this site for free.

If you know of a service that isn’t listed please ask them to fill out this submission form so that we can add them.